Boat Upholstery Class

The Boat Upholstery training class introduces you to boat cushion and basic boat seat fabrication with a hands-on approach to learning. Materials, thread, foam used boat upholstery will be covered. You will pattern, cut and sew different styles of boat cushions from start to finish.  Then with the basic knowledge learned from boat cushions, you can incorporate those techniques into patterning, cutting and sewing a “skin” for a boat seat form.

You will fabricate a square cushion, V-berth cushion, and a “knee roll” or “lumbar” cushion during the week of training. The curriculum includes instruction in making patterns, transfer the patterns to material for cutting and sewing and critiquing the finished project. You will also learn a technique called roll and pleat.We also cover in detail materials suited for cushions, thread, zippers, foam and “tools of the trade” used in cushion fabrication


Cost of the seminar is $1,000/person/week. This cost includes a workbook and materials to make your project.

Cost of audit participation in the seminar is $525/person/week.

To better prepare you for your training seminar(s) and be familiar with the concepts we are teaching, we have a discounted 14 subject training DVD package available.  With a $200 non-refundable deposit at the time of enrollment to the training seminar(s) you have signed up for, you can purchase all 14 DVDs subjects for $700 plus shipping. Many of our former students have taken advantage of this offer and continue to refer to the videos even after the seminar(s).